What is the EV Skills Program for heavy vehicule?

The EV Skills Program aims to provide a structured training path and a recognized certification in electric and hybrid vehicle maintenance and repair to industry workers across Quebec.

A training path for electric vehicles

EV Skills Certification

Skills EV certified trainers

A network of authorized training centers

How to register?

  1. Registration

    Create an account by clicking on self-assessment (coming soon), then registration (have your official company name ready to register).

    After creating your account, you will receive a confirmation email (make sure you choose a functional email address).

  2. Self-Assessment

     Log in to your account to begin the self assessment.

    Click on the "Start" button to complete the online self assessment

  3. Result

    The result indicates the starting point (level of training) in the pathway.

    Example : if you start at level 2, you will be advised to register for courses 2, 3, 4 and 5, which means 187 hours of training.
  4. Training

    Tell your employer the result of your training, as it is your employer who will have to register you for the training. Your employer will have to go to the Training page and fill in a pre-registration form. Your regional organization will contact you afterwards.

    Note : Training will be daytime and your employer must agree to release you on your work time (salary reimbursement applicable).

Training and Objectives

Provincial EV Training Pathway

Online self-assessment

Helps to assess the candidate's skills.

5 Levels of training

Training available according to the skills to be worked on.

EV Certification

Evaluation tool to certify the skills and knowledge acquired along the way.

See dates Level 1 -

Electricity (Basic)

Duration - 28 hours
See dates Level 2 -

Electricity (Intermediate)

Duration - 35 hours
See dates Level 3 -

Duration - 21 hours

Authorized training centers

 Coming soon

Certification for technicians


  • Completion of the online self-assessment
  • Completion of all program trainings following the self-assessment results
  • Successful completion of the Skills EV certification exam (your regional organization will contact you at the end of the process)


Certificates will be issued via email following successful completion of the exam.
Certifications will follow the mechanic.

Initiating partners of the program

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